Vapor Hookahs manufactures All Glass Hookahs; Traditional, Modern, and Exotic Hookahs; Electronic Hookah products, and every Hookah accessory imaginable, whether it be Hookah bowls, hoses, cleaning supplies, tips and filters, and replacement parts. Vapor Hookahs is the only brand in the Hookah industry that combines the elements of quality and price and delivers a finished product that is truly unstoppable. Browse our vast selection of Hookah products and experience first hand what constitutes genuine quality Hookah merchandise when selecting Vapor Hookahs as your preferred Hookah brand.

The Bunker

The Bunker by Vapor Hookahs is a truly remarkable Modern Hookah standing at 13.5" tall. It encompasses detail in the form of a revolutionary designed square shaped thick Plexiglass base that is practically indestructible. The Bunker shisha pipe is stored in a retail style box making it portable for easy travel and protection and comes as a complete hookah set including a built in diffuser, Hookah Tongs, matching silicone bowl, Rubber Grommets, matching Vapor Hookahs washable Silicone Hose, and Setup Instructions. Bunker hookah pipes are single hose hookahs only. This flat stemless design fits on the top of the base with a very tight and secure grommet connection and the revolutionary shape of the base allows for a good amount of smoke to build up inside it. The large silicone bowl gives you plenty of room to pack your flavored tobacco and requires no grommet to use but an additional grommet is still supplied for use with other hookah bowls in your collection. The heavy-duty shaft ensures a long-lasting life and has a built in diffuser to make your sessions purr like a kitten. At the bottom of the base is an insert for Vapor's LED rechargeable light base to light up the entire hookah. The hose provided is a completely washable silicone hose with an aluminum Vapor mouth tip that connects to the Bunker on a hose port that swivels to accommodate smokers sitting on all sides of the hookah. Both hose pieces retain no flavor from your sessions with proper care and maintenance. This is the perfect hookah for on the go. It's compact in size, it's durable for traveling, and best of all - it's affordable.